Current version 2.20

 Utility Software for Yamaha Keyboards
Optimize your MIDI Files

Automatically convert your midi and karaoke files in Standard MIDI Files (SMF) with optimization in the specifications of formats XG and XF
~ How to use it ~

Drag and drop a file on the Midi Black Box

2)Process start automatically
3)The file is ready to be read on your keyboard
At the same moment simple and of a redoubtable efficiency
 ~ With Midi Black Box ~ 
Release the resources of your keyboard
Only the events which it understands are sent to it
Your keyboard finds its ease and its vitality
These capacities are reserved in the service of your creativity
Advanced technologies for pro and amateur musicians

~  New features in version 2  ~

Automatic export of lyrics and chords
Multi-files treatment
NCI is an exclusive process developed by DKSoft to identify the chords without any parameter setting and with an absolutely unequalled precision
Management of the contextual menu
Automatic check of updates
~ Some technical specifications ~
Conversion of the original file (.kar or .mid) in format 0 of MIDI standard
Conversion of the text data in lyrics events compatible with your keyboards
XF chords recognition (NCI technology)
Purges the data not compatible with the standard XG
Adaptation of the drum kits notes of standard GS towards standard XG

Optimization of notes to avoid the problems of polyphony overflow

Consequent reduction of the size of the file
~ Optimization of two notes of same height with Midi Black Box ~

The software is directly exploitable
No complicated parameter setting nor preliminary test
The optimization of the file is totally automatic

Thirty active processes guarantees an optimal conversion
The optimization of the specific files for the Tyros is assured

The file is adapted to formats SMF and XF
Automatically identify lyrics language

Conversion chart of characters for the lyrics

Delete drum synchro ticks (count in)
Velocity boost process

Automatic correction of defective files
The original file remains unchanged

The installation of the software is totally automated

We wish you a pleasant use
Thank you for your confidence and your support



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