Thanks a lot, it is working perfect !
(WH - Holland)

I am very satisfied by the Midi Black Box XG Edition. After having tried the demo version I would like to make use of the product as a whole.
(JK - Netherlands)

 For all what import many files from internet, this program is a necessity.
(RM - Deuschland - Translated from German)
 Thank you very much, simple of use and very practical !
(AK - France - Translated from French)
 Congrulation, if only all the musical software packages were also functional.
(TK - Deutschland - Translated from German)
 The program MIDI BLACK BOX looks nice, congratulations !
(WVH - Holland)
 Midi Black Box is great (work perfectly with 9000Pro) and idea is brilliant.
(BB - Deutschland - Translated from German)
 I am a member of the Yamaha Forum and I read a lot of good about this brilliant program ! Very gladly, I would acquire the full version.
(PH - Schweiz - Translated from German)

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